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What are the tiny marks on toilet paper in public restrooms?

Using a public bathroom, a seemingly benign daily practice, presents disturbing risks.

Pauly Shore wants to play Richard Simmons for new biopic

The “Encino Man” actor, 55, said in a social media post that he’s attempting to get a Richard Simmons film made — with himself in the starring role as the...

What made Prince Harry and Meghan Markle called it quits on their senior royal?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle finally decided to pull the plug on their senior royal roles once a certain heir photo was released by Buckingham Palace.

Tourist calls police after being charged $700 for seafood

A tourist was charged nearly $1,000 for crab in a Singapore restaurant got way more than crabby about it — she even called the cops.

This doctor doesn't allow this cookware in her kitchen

Don't flip out but nonstick and ceramic frying pans can be hazardous to your health once scratched — and one social media-savvy doctor has gone viral explaining why.

Delta to change the use of airport lounges for card members

Delta Air Lines is changing how customers can gain entry into its Sky Club and earn elite frequent flyer status with the Atlanta-based airline in 2025.

Apple users upset with new iPhone 15's 'Innovation'

Smartphone fans have been griping about Apple’s new devices since the arguably anti-climactic announcement of the forthcoming iPhone 15 on Tuesday.

Powerball winner splurges on another new LA mansion

Edwin Castro, who won Powerball’s record-breaking $2 billion jackpot this February, isn’t quite done spending his newfound cash on luxury real estate.

Beyoncé’s dancers protect singer after fan throws object onstage

Long-time dancers Laurent and Larry Nicolas Bourgeois – also known as “Les Twins” — rushed to Beyoncé’s aid earlier this month after a fan threw a mysterious object during her...

600,000 gallons of red wine spill through the streets of Portugal

Locals in a small town in coastal Portugal were left stunned when a river of red wine flowed through their streets on Sunday after two tanks owned by Levira Distillery...

A lady sat in my lap because I refused to give up my bus seat

A disabled bus passenger elicited sympathy online after reportedly not giving up her bus seat to an elderly “Karen” — who then decided to sit on her instead.

Donald Trump sells Bronx golf course to Bally’s casino chain: sources

Donald Trump’s name will finally be scrubbed from a city-owned golf course in the Bronx — with the ex-president agreeing to unload the lease to the Bally’s casino chain according...

I’ve gotten 3,000 boyfriend applications

Vera Dijkmans, 23, took to TikTok to share a video showing the form that she requires potential suitors to complete, asking questions about their work and relationship history.

Passenger’s diarrhea on Delta flight forced plane to land

A Delta flight from Atlanta to Barcelona was forced to turn around and make an emergency landing after a passenger “had diarrhea all the way through the plane.”

My pet chihuahua left me with life-changing injuries

Proud pet owner Abby Hay, 28, claims she was left with life-changing injuries after she tripped over her chihuahua, Rue, while walking upstairs in June 2020.

Customer charged a $15 ‘a–hole’ fee on bill

A couple noticed a rather shocking line item on their pricey dinner bill, which left the internet howling.

American Airlines passenger’s luggage run over by truck

An American Airlines passenger was forced to check her carry-on luggage at the gate — only to have it destroyed after it was seemingly run over by a truck.

Are you logical or emotional? This optical illusion will tell you

An optical illusion could help determine whether you lean toward logic or emotion, depending on what you see at first glance.

Real life 'Barbie Dreamhouse' asks $1.1M

Talk about a real-life Barbie Dreamhouse, where fans of the summer blockbuster movie can live out their fantasies away from the cinema.

Kanye West caught in NSFW moment during Italian boat ride

Kanye West was caught with his pants down during a boat ride in Italy with his “wife,” Bianca Censori.

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