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2 NYC hotels make list of world’s 50 best: 'We are redefining luxury'

The hotels were selected by a group of 580 global hotel industry experts, including hoteliers and travel journalists.

Ranking the top airports in North America — and the worst

It might be time to book a trip.

Crabby tourist calls cops after being charged $700 for seafood dish

"Upon payment, the customers refused to pay the bill and requested to make a police report," noted the restaurant.

'World's most humanoid robot' to welcome guests at MSG Sphere in Las Vegas

The Sphere, Madison Square Garden Entertainment's new 20,000-person venue in Las Vegas, is set to welcome U2 to its stage on Sept. 29, but guests won't be greeted by a...

I refused to pet a dog on a flight — the whole plane turned against me

An anonymous dog hater has gone viral after confessing that a whole plane of fellow passengers turned against him when he refused to pet a "service dog."

Flying taxis could take to the skies above NYC as early as 2025 — here's how

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's your Uber?

Bear's shocking visit to Disney World forces multiple ride closures

The bear was spotted Monday morning hanging in a tree near the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in Frontierland.

American sparks uproar over color of Fanta in Italy: 'I freaked out'

"Fanta in Italy has no dyes or artificial flavors," reads the caption of the viral Reddit post.

?Influencer's American Airlines meltdown: 'I'm Instagram famous, you f--king bum!'

Morgan Osman, who claimed to have dated Britney Spears' ex Sam Ashgari after news of their divorce, was filmed calling herself "Instagram famous" amid a public tantrum.

I'm a travel expert — here's how to get out of airports faster

"At least?I don’t have to wait a moment longer to get home," Lindsay Mukaddam said in her viral video.

I'm a Brit who's just moved to the US — these are the 'weird' things about your country

Olivia Christina, a make-up artist who began living in Los Angeles last month, took to TikTok to share the cultural curiosities in a video that's garnered 22,000 views — and...

Lyft launches new feature pairing women and nonbinary riders and drivers

“Women+ Connect is all about providing more women and nonbinary people the opportunity to earn money on their terms and giving riders more choice,” Lyft CEO David Risher said in...

I'm a flight attendant — always bring these 3 hardware store items on your trips

Heading to a hardware store before boarding a flight might seem like a strange move — but one expert says it drastically elevates a mile-high experience.

My secret travel hack gets you paid for getting bumped off a flight

Next time you get bumped off an oversold flight don’t freak out — cool your jets and cash in.

Mom of man caught joining mile-high club learned of tryst with woman he just met at airport while watching TV

An embarrassed mother of a man who made headlines after being caught having sex inside a bathroom on an easyJet flight said she learned of the surreal incident while watching...

I'm a former FBI agent — here's the safest room to book at any hotel

"My hope was to give people all different variations of security control and encourage them to use things they can control or already have," Tracy Walder said.

Delta, United must face class-action lawsuit alleging conspiracy to drive up airfares

The lawsuit began in 2015 after the Justice Department started investigating airlines for potential anticompetitive practices, and continued even though no charges were brought.

The art of picking the ultimate luxury Maldives resort

In the over-the-top world of five-star Maldives properties, where each one tries to outdo the other, The Patina luxury resort is a mecca of art and culture.

Best country in the world according to Americans is a shocker

17,000 respondents from 36 nations were polled, with the data broken down to see how Americans alone ranked the countries.

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