The Metaverse Competition and Issues that Need Addressing: EU Antitrust Chief Says

It is not surprising that the head of antitrust for the European Union has commented on the metaverse given how popular it has become in recent years. She recently made a point about the necessity of dealing with Metaverse competition problems. In order to ensure fair competition, the various facets of the metaverse will be examined in this article, along with the problems that need to be resolved.

How does the metaverse work?

People can interact with one another and carry out various activities in the online world known as the Metaverse.

Exploring new worlds, getting to know new people, and conducting business are all made possible by this fully immersive experience.

Despite the fact that the metaverse has been around for a while, recent technological developments have increased its usability and realism.

The Metaverse’s Problems with Competition

The metaverse has a number of problems, including competition. The Metaverse has its own set of difficulties in addition to the usual competition found in any market. The lack of platform interoperability is among the most difficult issues. Users are thus constrained to a small number of platforms, and new competitors find it challenging to gain a foothold in the market.

The monopoly of a few major players is another problem with competition in the metaverse. These companies have considerable market sway and have the power to shape the metaverse’s course. Users who desire a competitive market with a wide range of products may find this to be a problem.

Issues with Competition Must Be Addressed

It’s critical to address the aforementioned problems to ensure fair competition in the metaverse. To give users the freedom to select the platform they prefer, interoperability between platforms ought to be a top priority. Additionally, new entrants will find it simpler to enter the market as a result of this.

It’s also critical to address the monopolistic behaviour of a few significant players. Regulations and antitrust laws can be used to accomplish this. The market should be competitive and open to new players, according to regulators, who should make sure of this.

The Metaverse Competition and Issues that Need Addressing: EU Antitrust Chief Says


The idea of the metaverse is intriguing and has the power to alter social interactions and business transactions. But it’s crucial to deal with the aforementioned competition problems if we want to keep the Metaverse a level-playing field for businesses. Achieving this goal will depend on interoperability and regulation.

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