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Cost of love: Tinder unveils staggering $500-per-month 'VIP' subscription tier

The new pay-for-play tier was offered to less than 1% of Tinder users, according to the company.

Apple slashes pay raises for retail employees as revenue drops

Apple has seen its earnings sag in recent quarters due to a drop in demand for its iPhones.

Microsoft’s $69B deal for 'Call of Duty' maker Activision close to gaining approval

The announcement shows the UK watchdog is close to reversing its?earlier decision to block Microsoft?from taking over the maker of hit gaming franchises like Call of Duty and World of...

College students learning skills that could go 'obsolete' thanks to AI: Indeed CEO

"With AI, it’s conceivable that students might now find themselves learning skills in college that are obsolete by the time they graduate," Chris Hyams penned for a column in Fortune.

TikTok sets up obstacles for researchers to gain access to data: report

TikTok is requiring that academics submit their research reports about TikTok before publication in academic journals, according to Bloomberg News.

Amazon to put ads in Prime Video shows, movies in scramble for profits

Come early 2024, Amazon Prime Video members will no longer get to enjoy ad-free streaming -- unless they want to cough up $2.99 more per month.

Switching away from Google's search engine takes 'too many steps': DuckDuckGo CEO

The founder of search engine DuckDuckGo grumbled about how difficult it is for users to switch their default service from Google while testifying at the Big Tech firm’s landmark antitrust...

Gen Z doesn't want to eat if it means putting down their phones: study

A majority admit to staring at their phones while cooking — and even more scroll while they're actually dining.

Morgan Stanley’s new AI tool? ‘spotty on accuracy’: sources

Not only is it difficult to find on the company’s internal web page, it also falls short of more popular generative AI tools like ChatGPT or Bard, sources told On...

George RR Martin, John Grisham among famous authors suing ChatGPT creator for copyright infringement

The famous writers allege OpenAI has committed “systemic theft on a mass scale" of creative works.

DOJ yanks Google antitrust trial docs from public website after Big Tech firm complains

The Justice Department had been posting trial exhibits to a public-facing website.

20 Google search tricks, hidden utilities, games and freebies

When it comes to Google Search, you can get just about anything done if you know how to use the hidden tools.

Family of dad who drove off collapsed bridge, drowned after following app directions sues Google

Philip Paxson's family is suing Google for negligence after the dad of two died after driving off a collapsed bridge as he followed directions given on Maps.

AI creator defends fake blonde bombshell influencer's look as no different than airbrushing

The agent who represents a popular, artificially intelligent social media influencer is doubling down after criticism of CGI blonde bombshell Milla Sofia.

Tech CEO forfeits $110M pay package after allegedly groping female employee, shoving meat in her face: report

The 39-year-old Camara was the subject of a formal complaint made by a CS Disco employee who flagged his behavior around female staffers.

Google raised ad prices to hit revenue goals without telling advertisers: VP's bombshell testimony

The bombshell admission by Jerry Dischler, Google’s VP of advertising products, came in response to questions from Justice Department antitrust lawyers.

DOJ ramps up criminal probe on Elon Musk, Tesla over alleged misuse of funds to build glass house: report

Musk on Wednesday denounced the Justice Department, writing: "This would be next-level absurd. I'm not building a house of any kind anywhere."

'World's most humanoid robot' to welcome guests at MSG Sphere in Las Vegas

The Sphere, Madison Square Garden Entertainment's new 20,000-person venue in Las Vegas, is set to welcome U2 to its stage on Sept. 29, but guests won't be greeted by a...

Amazon unit behind Kindle, Echo in chaos as job cuts loom, morale plummets: sources

The division, known as Lab126, was a focus for Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos, who portrayed it as an engine for future projects, but more recently it has been buffeted by...

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