silicon valley bank

S&P downgrades regional banks as rising interest rates pressure profits

KeyCorp, the Cleveland-based retail bank, had its long-term ratings lowered by S&P from "BBB+" to "BBB."

Moody's cuts credit ratings for banks following commercial real estate pressures

Moody's Investors Service lowered the ratings for 10 banks, including US Bancorp, Bank of New York Mellon, State Street, and Truist Financial.

SVB Financial sues US FDIC to recover $1.93B

SVB Financial owned Silicon Valley Bank before it was?seized?by the regulator in March, and the firm is attempting to sell its remaining assets in bankruptcy.

Goldman Sachs probed by Fed, SEC over Silicon Valley Bank collapse: report

Goldman Sachs is being scrutinized for buying up Silicon Valley Bank's debt while advising it to raise capital, according to a report.

City pension funds lose $2M in failed First Republic, Signature banks

City pension funds had almost $2 million invested with First Republic Bank and Signature Bank -- all of which was lost when the banks failed this year.

Fetterman suggests work requirements for bailed-out bank execs in choppy Senate hearing remarks

Sen. John Fetterman floated the idea of work requirements for banking executives that receive taxpayer bailouts in remarks during a Senate Banking Committee hearing on Tuesday that some conservative commentators...

Ex-SVB CEO Greg Becker grilled by lawmakers: 'You made a really stupid bet'

Responding to questions from senators,?Becker?painted a picture of an unprecedented, unpredictable crisis at the bank. Lawmakers were unimpressed.

Ex-SVB CEO Greg Becker blames rate hikes, withdrawals for bank's collapse

"The takeover of SVB has been personally and professionally devastating, and I am truly sorry for how this has impacted SVB’s employees, clients and shareholders," he said in prepared testimony.

Powell’s sappy talk on banks is weak after several collapses

Sorry, there are no quick fixes for the pickle we’re in except possibly trying to avoid the sins of the past.?

NYC pension funds lose $30M in SVB collapse: data

New York City teachers, cops and firefighters lost tens of millions of dollars in the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank.

JPMorgan has been quietly scooping up SVB's talent: sources

While tech banking has typically been dominated by Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan has been uniquely positioned to scoop up the exodus of SVB bankers.

PacWest stock down 36% as regional lender could be next bank to fall

A liquidity boost that PacWest announced in March failed to inspire confidence in its ailing share price.

After the Silicon Valley Bank collapse, it's time to audit the Fed

The Federal Reserve Wednesday raised interest rates for the 10th time in just over a year.

This year's 3 bank failures held $532B in assets — more than all lenders that collapsed in 2008 crisis

The three failed banks this year held a whopping $532 billion in total assets.

Why the stock market is smarter than any of us – including the bears

The bears are still groaning, and whatever the reasons they cite on a given day, you can be sure they are claiming that rising stocks are the product of irrational...

Weak Fed oversight contributed to SVB's stunning collapse: probe

The probe also called out poor management by SVB executives.

First Republic wants US government rescue as stock keeps falling after $100B loss in deposits: report

The turmoil at First Republic is sparking speculation that federal regulators could step in with a rescue package to shore up its shaky finances.

First Republic Bank stock plunges 49% after customers yank $100B in deposits

First Republic, the San Francisco-based regional lender, saw depositors pull their funds en masse during the first three months of the year.

Silicon Valley startups set for 'bloodbath' as tech investor money runs dry: report

Many startups face the prospect of raising money at a lower valuation -- or not at all.

Montana Dem rakes in cash after California soiree: FEC

Sen. Jon Tester represents bright-red Montana, but most of his re-election campaign money in the first three months of this year came from deep-blue California, Federal Election Commission filings show....

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