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Why I pause my friendship with a woman when she has kids: Jana Hocking

I think there are two genuine times in your life when it is OK to hit pause on a friendship. And there shouldn’t be any dramatic announcements, or tantrums or...

My date invited two more women to dinner to ‘find the perfect three way’

"Matthew, if you're watching this, please go to therapy … Lord knows, I need to after this."

Your body feels the heat of love all over — these maps reveal exactly where

"It was noteworthy, though not very surprising," philosopher P?rttyli Rinne said.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's zodiac compatibility is a touchdown

Read on to learn more about the starry romantic potential between Sagittarius titan Swift and Libra tight-end Kelce.

Carrie Bradshaw of the TikTok generation: Carrie Berk will teach you how to live a 'Real-Life Rom-Com'

Carrie Berk is only 20 with more than 5 million followers on social media — and she wants to help you live your best life.

Japanese youth reveal whether prostitution counts as cheating in viral video: 'Depends on the girlfriend'

A Japanese social media star has encountered an interesting cultural norm about sex work and cheating in his country.

What is the signature scent for your zodiac sign?

Step right up and take a deep inhale. In honor of the rapture of redolence, here are the scents each zodiac sign invokes and the fragrance that suits them best.

My fiancé exchanged my wedding gown for one his mom likes — he says I’m ‘overreacting’

The ballsy bride’s refusal to back down left the overgrown mama’s boy fuming — so he took matters into his own hands.?

I'm a rich NYC housewife —?how I manifested it at 7 years old

"It's exactly the life I dreamed of — it's like I manifested it when I was seven years old."

Zodiac matches revealed: Here's the sign you should be with

Zodiac compatibility?is a constellation of qualities and challenges, elemental energy, and ancestral trauma. Anything can happen, anything can work and any manner of star soup between lovers can yield order...

I'm 65 and having the best sex of my life — it keeps me young

“It’s so crazy to realize that at my age, I am having the best sex of my life,” Bobbi Parker Hall said.

Dad sues hospital for $642M after witnessing his wife's C-section: 'It gave me psychotic illness'

"Mr. Koppula alleges that he was encouraged, or permitted, to observe the delivery, that in the course of doing so, he saw his wife’s internal organs and blood."

Astrological red flags: What to look out for when dating each sign

Mind the red flags and guard your hearts folks, we are calling out dangerous tendencies and toxic tells through the zodiac.

Millennial women say these type of men make 'the best husbands' — guys sound off

“Hear me loud and clear: If he owns a lightsaber — green flag," declared Isabel Brown, 26, of the new "ideal" man.

Public proposal goes horribly awry: 'You slept with my brother!'

They're airing out their dirty laundry — quite literally.

I'm a dating coach —?there is one thing you must say on a first date

“When you step into reality, you realize that there are good men out there, but the reason why you can't find them is because you don't know what you want."

What is the 'love surge' explosion? 'Cringiest couple ever' will show you

They've got the love bug —?symptoms include intense emotions and uncontrollable shaking.

Mom of man caught joining mile-high club learned of tryst with woman he just met at airport while watching TV

An embarrassed mother of a man who made headlines after being caught having sex inside a bathroom on an easyJet flight said she learned of the surreal incident while watching...

Whoopi Goldberg: Joy Behar married so she has someone to 'pull the plug'

Goldberg uttered the bold remark the day before bluntly asking another "View" co-host if she is pregnant.

The weirdly relatable reason so many of us fake our orgasms

The poll showed a whopping 46% of women confessed to falsifying their climaxes while a surprising?38% of men owned up to phoning in a phony release.

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