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Mom-to-be has funeral-themed pregnancy shoot: 'R.I.P to being kid free!'

Call it mourning sickness: Cheridan Logsdon, 23, turned heads when she announced her pregnancy while dressed in all black funeral attire as a way of saying “R.I.P to being kid...

Dads, your involvement is key to boosting your kids' education: study

Listen up, dads — playing with your kids could help them do better in school.

My son almost died because of a bath plug — here's how to keep kids safe

The harrowing story was anonymously shared this week on the Instagram page @tinyheartseducation.

Doctors warn that this common sweet treat could kill your baby

"Over a period of a few days, a child can become acutely ill. Treatment in an ICU, including a respirator and feeding through an IV or a tube may be...

I want to display my 'overtly sensual' pics at home but will I scar my child?

Mother wants to display her sexually explicit photos in her house, but does not know if it is appropriate for her children to see

Dishwasher pods are dangerous for children — how to prevent tragedy

Ross Smith, founder of Safer Little Steps, which aims to educate parents on keeping children safe around the home, took to TikTok to share his care tips.

My mom cut my baby's hair without my permission -- she did a half a-- job

Mother is enraged after grandmother cuts her six-month-old son's hair without her permission

Woman who named son 'Methamphetamine Rules' grilled in TV interview: 'Why would you do this?'

An Australian journalist who named her son Methamphetamine Rules has been grilled over the blunder in an interview.

Our children died doing viral challenges — now we're fighting back

"[You] can't fathom how destructive, how incredibly deadly this can be for kids," one grieving parent says of the social media platform.

Most and least expensive states to raise a child revealed: research

The annual cost to raise a small child in the US increased by 19.3% nationwide to $21,681 between 2016 and 2021, LendingTree reports.

How power naps can make you a better parent, according to experts

They say if you snooze, you lose — but this new napping hack just might be the winning formula for sleep-deprived moms and dads.

My baby nearly died from sepsis — here are the signs parents need to know

“It’s changed our lives forever," his mom said of the diagnosis.

Baby born with 26 fingers and toes hailed as 'reincarnation of Hindu goddess'

A baby born in India was born with 26 fingers and toes -- and her family thinks it's divine.

Mom defends emotional hug with son after football game

“He was feeling emotional, and I think as his mom, I’m his safe space,” Amber Wright explained of the viral video.

My best friend won't come over anymore after I told her not to call my toddler a 'spoiled brat'

"When I called her out on it, she gave me the most pass-agg reply ever."

Mom documents daughter growing up with sweet annual wedding dress photos

"It definitely makes me feel sentimental. It sounds cliché, but really, years are short," proud mama Aneta Zeppettella said.

Mothers feel like 'bad moms' this many times a year: poll

A survey of 2,000 moms looked at their experiences after having children and found that a third feel like they’re a “bad mom” sometimes.

I'm a 'mother' to 13 doll babies — it's preparing me for parenthood

"I love looking at them and yes, sometimes you can look very quickly and fool yourself into thinking they are real," she said. "I find it a bonding experience, which...

Dad left fuming after daughter returns home from school with disturbing Father's Day gift

A six-year-old girl returned home from school with a “disgusting” Father’s Day gift, leaving her dad stunned and furious.

'Maternity care deserts' in US rural hospitals force families to relocate for childbirth

Following the abrupt closure in August of the only maternity ward within 40 miles, Alisha Alderson decided to go to Boise, Idaho — a two-hour drive through a mountain pass...

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