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Are you a cowboy, fairy, angel or knight? Viral CFAK quiz will reveal your secret

“It only takes two questions to figure out which one you are,” declares Brooklyn-based lifestyle content creator Felecia Freely. Take the quiz here to find out!

I went on vacation to Greece and wound up in the hospital for a month — doctors say if I fly home I might die

Sandra Gutierrez, 43, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a type of bone marrow cancer.?

Why women crave chocolate at certain times of month, according to scientists

“This is nothing bad. It’s physiological, but it may explain what many women report to us about what they feel across the menstrual cycle," a researcher revealed.

My best friend demands I bleach my hair for her wedding — but I refuse

A?bridesmaid?has been told she needs to dye her hair in order to be part of her friend's bridal party.

Our flight was ruined by a farting dog — we got a $1,400 refund

This complaining couple's 13-hour flight may have gone to the dogs, but they just scored a big payday.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's rare comments on adopted kids

The former couple, who were married for nearly 11 years until 2001, adopted Isabella, now 30, in 1992, and her brother Connor, 28, in 1995.

Mystery swirls after 70 medical professionals fall ill at same venue where 30 wedding guests got diarrhea

A gastro outbreak that engulfed a wedding as well as a medical conference at the same Melbourne venue may not be linked to food poisoning, as initially thought, according to...

At least 35% of adults in nearly half the US are obese: disturbing new CDC data

The CDC noted that 10 years ago, there were no states that had an adult?obesity?prevalence at or above 35%.

Mom-to-be has funeral-themed pregnancy shoot: 'R.I.P to being kid free!'

Call it mourning sickness: Cheridan Logsdon, 23, turned heads when she announced her pregnancy while dressed in all black funeral attire as a way of saying “R.I.P to being kid...

Doctor shares life-saving 'fountain of youth' hacks: Not 'the same old crap'?

"Let me tell you the things that will make you live longer," says this doctor, who has advice about having a "plan for the future."

'Open relationships' on the rise as couples break from traditions

The number of Australians having sex outside of their relationship has increased, according to new data.

Delaware school principals made meme of student's breast using security cam footage: lawsuit

Two principals at a?Delaware high school?allegedly used a security camera image of a student's breast to create a meme they shared with other staff members, an explosive new lawsuit claims.

Quiet quitting is probably making you unhappier

Saying "no" more, taking a step back, and disengaging from work is common in 2023 but there’s a reason no one feels better about it.

Burger King is offering a $10 romantic 'homecoming meal' for 2

It's homecoming season, and anyone can be the Homecoming (Burger) King and Queen.

Are 'self-care days' a cure-all or just a temporary fix?

Forget once-a-month bubble baths—instead, new research shines a light on smaller daily acts of self-care.

Rare Great Depression-era $10,000 bill sells for $480K — but who's on it?

A rare Great Depression-era $10,000 bill was sold at an auction last week for a record $480,000.

NYU Langone Health is again ranked No. 1 in US for quality and safety

The award marks the second year in a row that the Manhattan-based hospitals have achieved a #1 ranking.

Bright blue fish caught by Alaskan turns white after cooking, wows social media

"Went out fishing today and caught a rock greenling," Chmeleck wrote on Aug. 28. "The?flesh is blue. It turns white?when you cook it. Mother nature is incredible."

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