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Health influencer dead at 49, family asks for 'prayer and compassion'

Brazilian fitness influencer Adriana Thyssen, who lost 100 pounds in just over a year, has died at 49 due to a mystery illness.

Flying taxis could take to the skies above NYC as early as 2025 — here's how

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's your Uber?

10-year-old influencer killed in horrific bus collision

Yerley Lozada, better known as Susa, has died. Her brother, Yomar, confirmed her death in a statement.

There is life after death: Revived patients share out-of-body experiences in startling NYU report

"Somehow in death their entire life comes to the fore," said one researcher. "It's a deep, purposeful and meaningful reevaluation of their lives."

Scientists discover major Alzheimer’s breakthrough in new study

"For the first time we get a clue to how and why neurons die in Alzheimer's disease. There's been a lot of speculation for 30-40 years, but nobody has been...

Hero cop performs CPR on baby moments from death

“Just don’t be the one to let this kid die, that’s what was going through my head," the hero officer said.

FDNY hero rescues kitten stuck in car engine: 'Every life is important'

A fellow firefighter has decided to adopt the adorable little furball.

NASA's new telescope may have discovered proof of life on another world

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope might have discovered potential proof of life in the atmosphere of a planet located about 744 trillion miles from Earth.

Athlete, 53, swims 315-mile length of Hudson River in a month: 'Been dreaming about this'

"It feels like I've made a lifelong friend in this river," Lewis Pugh declared.

I didn’t know I was pregnant until I saw a foot sticking out of me

A teen mom’s pregnancy started out on the wrong foot.?

Woman, 94, travels cross-country to say goodbye to sister for last time

"You betcha" Barbara Carolan traveled cross-country to see her little sister, Shirley, one last time before they "see each other in heaven."

Jamaican man lets down dreadlocks he's grown for over 40 years

"Someone needs to contact the Guinness Book of Records and have him entered before he dies," insisted one person.

Sidewalk cave-in captured in shocking viral video: 'NYC is falling apart'

YouTuber Caisey Neistat has New Yorkers quaking in their boots after sharing footage of a city sidewalk crumbling underfoot like something out of a disaster movie.

Historic Powerball winner splurges on new $47M LA mansion in latest lavish purchase after $2B win

The lucky lotto player has already purchased at least two other California properties -- but now, he has a Bel Air crib to add to his growing portfolio.

See the 'bloodthirsty' apex predators that roamed Earth millions of years before the dinosaurs

These carnivores were classic — well before Jurassic. A new archeological study has uncovered further evidence of the apex predators said to have “dominated” the Earth 40 million years ahead...

Amazing double rainbow appears over NYC on 9/11: 'Most insane thing'

"Feels like a message to everyone that’s still here — the world can be beautiful, even in times of mourning and grief," one onlooker said.

Washington deputy crawls into pipe to rescue injured dog

A Pierce County Sheriff's Office deputy in?Washington state?crawled into a culvert to rescue an injured dog that had been hit by a car.

Ex-pro golfer promised Mercedes for hitting hole-in-one sues after charity tourney comes up short

Linda Chen thought she had just won a brand-new Mercedes-Benz after hitting?a hole-in-one?at a charity golf tournament. Instead, she was denied the prize and filed a lawsuit in response.

How 'posthumous conception' is changing motherhood: 'It’s not as offensive as it was'

Thanks to advances in reproductive technologies, women are now able to have children using the sperm of their deceased partners or spouses.

Zeus, the world's tallest dog, has front leg amputated due to cancer

Zeus, the great Dane who set the Guinness World Record last year, had his front leg amputated Friday to save his life, his owners said.

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