How Bitcoin’s ‘Tribalism’ is Hurting the Entire Crypto Market

Crypto has always been a land of extremes. One minute you’re funding your way to the moon with Bitcoin, and then just as quickly it can be reduced down into nothing but ash on ground–literally! The reason why this “tribalism” around crypto assets like BTC is becoming such an issue? It’s because there are so many different coins out now that sound nearly identical; they each offer their own unique set-of features which make them stand apart from one another while also being useful in certain ways others might not need or want those services provided by other cryptocurrencies…but at what cost though!? When all these competing currencies start clashing against each other rather than working together towards progress.

Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple thinks crypto asset tribalism could become an issue for the entire market.

Bitcoin & Crypto ‘Tribalism’ Hurts Entire Market, Ripple CEO Says

He also said that the “tribalism” seen today means efforts to lobby politicians in the US for favorable regulations have turned into “fractured representation” by the crypto industry.

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