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Why women crave chocolate at certain times of month, according to scientists

“This is nothing bad. It’s physiological, but it may explain what many women report to us about what they feel across the menstrual cycle," a researcher revealed.

Doctor shares life-saving 'fountain of youth' hacks: Not 'the same old crap'?

"Let me tell you the things that will make you live longer," says this doctor, who has advice about having a "plan for the future."

NYC man's fatal brain disease linked to COVID-19: 'Highly likely'

Doctors from the Department of Internal Medicine at Mt. Sinai Queens believe it's "highly likely" COVID contributed to the 62-year-old's fatal prion disease.

Bats could play vital role in preventing and treating cancer: 'first step' discovery

Bats get a deadly bad rap — but they could play a lifesaving role in cancer treatment, according to a “fascinating new study” that examines their remarkable immune systems. As...

Disturbing warning over 'tiny marks' on toilet paper in public restrooms

“If you look closely you will see a bunch of tiny red blood splotches — that is not from someone's bloody nose or little accident.”

How gullible are older Americans to scams? Very, says a new study

A recent report estimates that fraud and grifters cost older Americans a staggering $8 billion each year — much of which could be avoided by following a few simple rules.

Are 'self-care days' a cure-all or just a temporary fix?

Forget once-a-month bubble baths—instead, new research shines a light on smaller daily acts of self-care.

NYU Langone Health is again ranked No. 1 in US for quality and safety

The award marks the second year in a row that the Manhattan-based hospitals have achieved a #1 ranking.

Expert tips for anti-aging: Eat these 5 foods for longevity and brain power

You're only as old as you eat.

Having negative thoughts? Here's how to suppress them to improve mental health

120 volunteers across 16 countries were trained to "suppress their negative thoughts about negative events that worried them."

'Zoo poo' from endangered species could prevent diabetic amputations

“Despite the smell, it turns out that the fecal matter of endangered species could hold the key to killing infectious bacteria that are otherwise resistant to antibiotics."

I'm allergic to almost everything — fighting to stay alive made me an outcast

A woman who has had allergy issues "straight out of the womb" shared that almost anything she eats could be deadly, and she struggles to live a normal life.

Doctors warn that this common sweet treat could kill your baby

"Over a period of a few days, a child can become acutely ill. Treatment in an ICU, including a respirator and feeding through an IV or a tube may be...

Millions of nonsmokers have nicotine in their blood and don’t know it: secondhand smoke study

Secondhand smoke poses a significant health risk, and millions of Americans are unknowingly exposed to tobacco smoke and e-cigarette vapors on a regular basis, a new study suggests.

Artificial sweetener could cause memory and learning deficits in future generations: new study

The non-sugar, low-calorie sweetener aspartame has been linked to potential problems with memory and learning, according to a study from the Florida State University?(FSU) College of Medicine.

You've been washing your armpits wrong, according to hygiene expert

Mary Futher, also known as Madame Sweat on TikTok, is educating her followers about hygiene.

Dishwasher pods are dangerous for children — how to prevent tragedy

Ross Smith, founder of Safer Little Steps, which aims to educate parents on keeping children safe around the home, took to TikTok to share his care tips.

Butter vs. margarine: Is one really 'better' for you?

A nutritionist addresses health food debate on butter, margarine and some other spreads

Doctor reveals the 3 most important practices to staying healthy over the winter -- they may surprise you

Dr. Nayan Patel of Auro Wellness in California spoke to Fox News Digital about his top three tips for?how to stay well?as the weather begins to turn cooler.

Defrosting chicken like this could poison you: 3 safe methods revealed

Forgetting to leave the chicken out may actually save your life.

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