Crypto exchange Solidbit upgrades its partner platform

The partnership program area at Solidbit, a Seychelles-based crypto exchange, has been upgraded. The platform has grown more powerful, stylish, and user-friendly since our last version.

“Solidbit’s IB program is the result of years of dedication by seasoned engineers. The updated section offers more features than the previous version and makes it easier for brokerage houses to manage their accounts and finances.”
– The Solidbit Team

Features of the new IB Portal

New Dashboard

The dashboard now offers a wealth of information in one location, which is refreshed in real time. Purchases and trading activities are now simpler to follow, as well as key traffic sources.

Banners and QR Codes

New features in the promotional area include a banner zone and the ability to create QR codes. Partners may pick from a variety of banners, and the QR code functionality allows visitors to scan instead of providing a link.

New Reports

The new Solidbit reports area features additional comprehensive information while also making it simpler to search. Users can view a general overview, data for specific time periods, and reports.

These reports provide a more comprehensive view of data and patterns, allowing partners to make more educated decisions.

Benefits of the Solidbit partner program include:

  • Earnings possibilities abound, and commissions are high.
  • The IB model is dynamic and transparent.
  • There are no restrictions on commissions.
  • Customized reward system
  • Exclusive bonuses
  • Experience that’s easy to use
  • Users will benefit from greater liquidity and secure transactions.

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