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Jon Heyman

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Jon Heyman, who came to The New York Post this year as a baseball columnist, has been covering the sport for 35 years. At The Post, he is half of “The Show,” a baseball podcast with Joel Sherman, and does Inside Baseball notes that appear Fridays. He has worked as an insider at MLB Network since its inception in 2009 and is an Audacy baseball expert after more than a decade at WFAN, where he appeared on Mike and the Mad Dog and the Joe and Evan shows. Heyman worked at Newsday for 16 years, first as Yankees beat writer, then baseball columnist and finally as general sports columnist before going to Sports Illustrated, and the startup FanRag. After graduating Northwestern University’s Medill School in 1983, he started at the Moline (Ill.) Daily Dispatch. Shortly thereafter, he moved to California, where he covered the Los Angeles Raiders before transferring to the California Angels, one team that moved twice and another that pretended to move once (they are still in Anaheim). Heyman went to Lawrence High School in the 5 Towns of Long Island.

The Archive

MLB powerhouse's Shohei Ohtani pursuit comes with big questions

The Dodgers are still planning to pursue the Shohei Ohtani, and should still be considered one of the favorites to land him, but there are questions.

Brewers manager's 2024 plans could spur Mets bidding war

While there has been speculation Counsell will take a year off from managing, the latest word is that he’s expected to be in the dugout somewhere in 2024.

Who likely wouldn't be a Pete Alonso trade partner now

It would be unusual for Milwaukee to trade for Alonso now since he’s only a year from free agency.

David Stearns should give Buck Showalter one more Mets shot

Showalter doesn’t have a rep as the easiest employee but he’s surely smart enough to know this is Stearns’ team now.

Signing Shohei Ohtani doesn't make sense for Mets

The Mets need pitching now, and Ohtani almost surely won’t be able to pitch in 2024.

These Braves have historic look

Atlanta is the clear World Series favorite.

Why paying David Stearns big money makes sense for Mets

The Mets are backing up the Brink's trucks for David Stearns.

Yankees make plenty of sense should Mike Trout want out

Could the Yankees be a fit for Mike Trout?

David Stearns is the perfect get for the Mets

The Mets hope to build a perennial contender with David Stearns at the helm.

Seven potential manager choices if Mets decide to part ways with Buck Showalter

The new baseball president will have a big say, if not the final say.

Some inside Yankees resisted calling up kids who have sparked run

Wunderkind Jasson Dominguez — a “special talent” according to an AL scout — is the first Yankee to start his career with a five-game hitting streak in all Yankee wins.

Why Mets appear to be ahead in race for coveted executive

Nobody but nobody, who’s from New York can imagine a New Yorker choosing Houston over New York.

Suggestions for Hal Steinbrenner's deep Yankees dive

Hal Steinbrenner promises, via the Associated Press, a “very deep dive” into every single thing the Yankees are doing.

NL MVP race is shifting now

Ronald Acu?a’s NL MVP isn’t a shoo-in, it turns out. Look out for Mookie Betts.

What Mets likely need to offer to keep Pete Alonso

Though the Mets’ first efforts to keep Pete Alonso long term didn’t work, and reports persist suggesting the Mets are likely to trade Alonso, that is far from a fait...

Top free agents for Mets, Yankees to target in strong class

The Yankees and Mets need help, and it’s another solid free-agent class, especially for pitchers.

Max Scherzer's Citi return is a sobering Mets reminder

As sometimes happens when a team gives up the championship cause, the story is in the other dugout.

An open letter to Shohei Ohtani: Here's why you need to consider playing in New York

The Post's Jon Heyman urges Shohei Ohtani to come to the Big Apple.

How Mets should handle the Pete Alonso situation

The Mets should offer Pete Alonso a five-year, $175 million deal, but if the two sides can't reach a deal, they should look to trade him.

Teams flocking to scout Japanese superstar as move to MLB looms

The Yankees, Mets, Red Sox and Cardinals were among at least 10 teams to scout Orix Buffaloes right-handed star Yoshinobu Yamamoto’s start Wednesday.

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