Murdered cartel boss ‘El Fatal’ buried with hundreds of guns to protect him ‘in the afterlife’

A murdered Ecuadorian cartel boss known as “El Fatal” was buried with hundreds of pistols, shotguns and rifles in his coffin so he could be “armed to the teeth in the afterlife.”

Julian Sevillano, the 39-year-old reputed leader of “Los Fatales,” was with his 20-year-old daughter getting a regular car wash in Moroche last Wednesday when they were suddenly ambushed by gunmen, according to La Nacion.

Both were killed in a hail of more than a dozen shots blamed on members of a rival gang, the outlet said.

An alleged Ecuadorian drug cartel leader was buried alongside hundreds of weapons last Wednesday.

Sevillano’s relatives refused to leave the bodies for local police, however, instead whisking them away for a massive funeral the next day, El Universo said.

Now-viral images show Sevillano in an open casket as people rush to fill it with high-caliber weapons — reportedly so that he would be “armed to the teeth in the afterlife and could defend himself.”

Ecuadorian police and soldiers stood guard amid rumors of potential retaliation and ongoing violence.

guns in casket
Julian Sevillano, also known as “El Fatal,” allegedly was the leader of “Los Fatales.”

Locals said it seemed the rival group had tracked Sevillano’s movements ahead of his killing and knew he would be at the car wash that morning.

“It seems that they had followed his movements, Julián always came to wash the car in the morning, his enemies took advantage of that,” a resident of Mocache who preferred not to give his name told El Universo.

Sevillano and his daughter
Sevillano and his daughter were both killed in the ambush attack.

Other locals told the outlet the murderers were traveling by motorcycle but walked up to the car wash so as to not “raise suspicion.”

Local authorities believe Sevillano may have been killed to settle the score for crimes he previously committed, as the slain man had a criminal record for murder.

car wash
Authorities believe the murder may have been planned as payback for crimes Sevillano previously committed.

He was arrested in 2005 for the murder of the then-vice mayor of Mocache Bolívar Cordero Candelariz, 57, and his son, Yogar Cordero Molina, 35, but was released only months later.

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