Masked thieves carjack Aston Martin from Connecticut man as he pulled into his garage in brazen caught-on-camera heist

A pair of daring thieves stole an Aston Martin from a man Sunday just as he pulled the wheels into his garage in an affluent Connecticut neighborhood, footage shows.

The masked duo ran up behind the homeowner as he drove the pricey sports car into his garage in Westport and dragged him out of the blue convertible just before 4 p.m., according to a video posted by Westport police.

At first, the carjackers demanded the man get out of the vehicle.

When he refused to move, one pulled him out and threw him onto the floor of his garage, according to the clip recorded on a Ring camera.

As the homeowner struggled with the suspects, he yelled for someone inside the house to call the police.

Masked thieves steal an Aston Martin convertible from garage in Westport, Connecticut
The masked thieves dragged the man out of the car and took off in it.
Westport Police Department/Facebook

The pair fled in the Aston Martin and are believed to have followed their victim to his house on Bayberry Lane in a stolen dark blue BMW, Westport police said.

Both cars were spotted fleeing north on Route 8.

The car owner suffered minor injuries but declined medical attention, cops said.

Empty garage
Investigators believe the man was targeted and followed to his home.
Westport Police Department/Facebook

Investigators believe the carjackers targeted the man and followed him to his home.

Westport police warned residents to be extra aware of their surroundings and to report any suspicious behavior to 911.

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