Lauren Boebert breaks up with Democratic bar owner who groped her during ‘Beetlejuice’ date

Hard-right Rep. Lauren Boebert has parted ways with the man seen groping her during a frisky date at a Colorado theater while enjoying a family-friendly performance of the musical “Beetlejuice.”

The self-described “eccentric” pol, 36, returned to Washington, DC, on Monday and told TMZ that “all future date nights have been canceled” between her and bar owner Quinn Gallagher.

“I learned to check party affiliations before you go on a date,” Boebert told the outlet, referring to Gallagher, who co-owns an Aspen bar that hosts drag shows.

Although she alluded to her date’s affiliation as a Democrat, the GOP stalwart said the break-up had nothing to do with the various reports on Gallagher in recent days.

“He’s a wonderful man, and it was a great time to go out and have dinner and enjoy part of a show,” she told TMZ.

“Nothing to do with anything that anyone reported. Honestly, he’s a private citizen and we peacefully parted. Great man, great friend and I wish him all the best.”

Lauren Boebert
Surveillance footage showed Lauren Boebert and her beau getting frisky at the musical.
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Boebert, a fierce opponent of trans rights, was caught on camera last week smoking what appeared to be a vape and rubbing Gallagher’s crotch while he fondled her breasts.

Everything to know about Rep. Lauren Boebert's divorce saga

Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert filed for a divorce from her husband in May, leading the congresswoman to re-enter the dating scene.

In September, Boebert and her date, Aspen bar co-owner Quinn Gallagher, were booted from the family performance of “Beetlejuice” at Denver’s Buell Theater after she blew a plume of vape smoke into the air — but footage also showed the mom of four groping his crotch mid-show.

Following the debacle, the congresswoman blamed her behavior on her “public and difficult divorce” and later announced that “all future date nights have been canceled” between her and the bar owner.

Her now-estranged husband of 18 years, Jayson, took “full responsibility” for “the breakdown of our marriage.”

“I am appreciative to hear of Jayson’s sincere comments. This is a new season for us both grace and prayers for our family are welcomed by all,” the Republican firebrand said to the Daily Beast.


In January, Gallagher’s Hooch Craft Cocktail Bar in Aspen staged “a Winter Wonderland Burlesque & Drag Show.”

In 2020, Aspen Gay Ski Week hosted “an evening of cocktails, appetizers, and laughs” at Hooch, according to a Facebook post at the time.

Lauren Boebert
Boebert’s team initially denied that she was booted from the theater due to vaping.
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In addition to the groping, multiple audience members complained that Boebert was smoking, obstructing their view by raising her hands, taking pictures with the flash on, and loudly singing.

The congresswoman and Gallagher were ultimately tossed from the theater before the end of the show.

The lawmaker flipped the ushers off before finally leaving the venue — but not before warning them she would report them over the incident.

“Do you know who I am?” she was quoted as saying.

In a statement Friday, Boebert apologized for her uncouth behavior, chalking it up to her recent split from Jayson, her husband of 18 years.

Boebert also admitted to smoking from an electronic device inside the theater, walking back initial claims by her campaign team that other audience members mistook “heavy fog machines” for vape pen smoke.

A pregnant woman sitting behind the rowdy duo said she asked Boebert to stop smoking, prompting the pol to call her “a sad and miserable person.”

Lauren Boebert
Footage showed Lauren Boebert and Quinn Gallagher exiting the theater.
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The mother of four and grandmother of one filed for divorce in May, citing “irreconcilable differences.”

Gallagher’s relationship with Boebert was believed to have started months ago.

Boebert is seeking a third term in Congress and is expected to face Democratic challenger Adam Frisch, whom she defeated by just 546 votes in last year’s midterm elections.

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